Continuing education hours are not CEUs, CEUs are not contact hours

Add nomenclature and acronyms to the list of confusions in the current state of continuing education for social workers in New York. Many providers refer to CEUs, while others use the term continuing education credit hours. One provider even refers to contact hours which is a whole other licensing requirement and not relevant to education. Just to clear this up, here’s NYSED Office of the Professions FAQ on hours:

What constitutes an hour of continuing education?

A minimum of 50 minutes equals one continuing education hour of credit. However, some courses may be given in continuing education units. One continuing education unit (CEU) equals 10 continuing education hours. Therefore, 0.1 CEU equals one continuing education hour, 0.2 CEUs equals two continuing education hours, and so on.

So an hour is 50 minutes (how psychoanalytic of you, NYSED) and the requirement is you get up to 36 hours of education before you renew your license. A real CEU would be 10 hours. 

Our site will always post the number of continuing education credit hours approved for the activity (or at least claimed by the provider). We can’t be responsible for things we can’t control, including providers use of acronyms and nomenclature. As always, Caveat emptor. Always get assurances that an activity is specifically approved by NYSED for hours.