What if I fail to complete the required number of hours but wish to continue practicing in New York?

The Department, at its discretion, may issue you a conditional registration if you request one. The conditional registration is valid for one year only and is not renewable. To be granted a conditional registration you would have to:

  • agree to complete the required hours of continuing education from the previous registration period during the period of conditional registration,
  • complete the regular continuing education requirement at a rate of one hour per month for the one-year conditional registration period,
  • complete any additional education which the Department may require,
  • complete and submit the Registration Renewal Addendum, and
  • pay the fee for the conditional registration, which is equal to the amount of the regular registration fee ($179) and the continuing education fee ($45) for a total fee of $224.

At the end of the conditional registration period, you must submit your Certificates of Completion to the Department, certifying that you have completed the required continuing education and pay the regular registration fee ($179) and the continuing education fee ($45) for a total of $224.

Conditional registrations are valid for no more than one year and are not renewable. This means you MUST meet the requirements by the end of the conditional period. You will not be issued a registration for the remaining two years until you meet the requirements. Remember – if you are not registered you may not practice your profession in New York.